2021 AIP summer meeting

The AIP summer meeting was a hybrid event this year 6-9 Dec. ’21 with the border restrictions still in place preventing us from travelling to Brisbane.

Iolanda kindly invited me to talk about Marina’s MgPc hybridization work as well as new results of orbital tomography performed at the Australian Synchrotron (in preparation).

Ben Lowe contributed a talk to the scanning probe microscopy focus session, with an update on how we’re closing in on understanding the mechanism of formation for some unusual metal-organic products identified with ncAFM measurements.

Thanks also to Peggy Schönherr, Peggy Zhang, Peter Jacobson, and Iolanda DiBernardo for contributing talks to the SPM focus session.

Bernard Field talked about how he’s pushing forward how we can rationalise our observations of self-assembled MOF structures, stemming from our recently published experimental results that Agustin talked about in the MOF focus session.